"Shed the Light"


"Shed the Light"


Acrylic on Canvas. 8”x10"x.75”. “Shed the Light”

*** I used to offer a canvas print of this piece; here is the original. I’ve always loved this piece and never wanted to part ways with it. I’m at a place now where I’d rather share it with you than hold it hostage. It deserves a good home. ***

I love this piece. I spent many hours staring at the blank 8x10, trying to figure out where to begin. I was so full of inspiration in the moment, I was the dying to start hacking at the canvas. After applying a generous amount of gesso, 

I mixed a bunch of vibrant colors with a dash of black. I started off using my pallet knife; a tool that plays a huge part in my work. Then once the paint was applied with a pouring medium, I had to start moving the piece around. After constant rotations, and a few drags with the knife, I had a very nice heart-shaped mix of colors. I sat on that image for days; getting lost into it. I wanted to gut the heart and pour the insides out, but I just didn’t know where to begin. I had a pleasant image before me I didn’t want to ruin. When I eventually came to, I mixed up a nice glob of red, yellow, and some silver. I prepared the piece with tape, covering the vulnerable parts, making sure I didn’t coat the inner bit. I used a food baster to pour the acrylic properly, where it laid perfectly around the heart of the piece.-JM


  • 100% cotton duck canvas

  • acrylic titanium triple primed with acid-free sizing

  • hand stretched Over kiln-dried Stretcher wood bars

  • 3/4 inch Profile - Back stapled with staple free edges

This piece is an original by James Maffei. It is copyright protected. All images displayed are property of James A. Maffei. The sale of the original or copy of the artwork does not include the sale of the copyright. All rights reserved. 

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