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The Artist

I grew up always needing an outlet for creativity: drawing, writing, making music. Eventually I found painting and my life changed when I decided to follow my passion as a career. I’ve been working as an artist professionally since 2017 out of a studio in Livermore, CA. When I’m not painting, you’ll find me exploring all the nature in this area of the world. Being alone in a forest or by the ocean are the times I can truly connect with myself and find my inspiration.

When I paint, there’s this perfect moment of flow I reach with every painting where my hyperactive mind finally knows peace. To me, artwork is life - it is absolute freedom. It’s what I wake up for every day. I sling paint around, play with colors, explore different methods, and let myself enjoy my space in this world. Every day I’m drawn to the canvas, hoping to take feelings or experiences and convey them in vibrant colors for others to enjoy as well. There is nothing better than when you find your purpose. Find something that resonates with you.

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